Fixture M1: Ultra Bundle (Fixture, Case & Controller)

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Style: Fixture M1 + (Case & Controller)

Introducing the Fixture M1 – a revolutionary innovation from our gaming experts.

Designed by gamers, for gamers, the Fixture M1 is set to redefine your gaming experience. Say hello to the future of gaming with this cutting-edge addition to our lineup.

An absolute game-changer in mobile gaming comfort. Elevate your gaming experience by transforming your smartphone, tablet, or Nintendo Switch Lite into a console with seamless pro controller compatibility. This compact and affordable accessory opens up a new realm of possibilities for mobile gaming enthusiasts.

Universal Compatibility: The Fixture M1 works seamlessly with a variety of smartphone devices and the Nintendo Switch Lite, ensuring a versatile gaming experience.

Pro Controller Magic: Elevate your mobile gaming with the familiarity and comfort of your pro controller.

Ergonomic Design: Enjoy extended gaming sessions without sacrificing comfort, thanks to the M1's thoughtfully crafted design

Easy Setup: Attach your smartphone to the M1, connect your pro controller, and dive into a world of gaming excellence.

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Style: Fixture M1 + (Case & Controller)