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Video Chums -

"So, is the Fixture S1 worth it? If you find playing Switch portably to be uncomfortable at times then yes, definitely. So far, I've played with it in bed, in the tub, on the couch, and whether I'm on my side, back, or sitting down; it's been super-comfortable and impressively sturdy. Plus, the fact that you can extend the Switch with the Fixture S1's arm means that you can cover your hands with a blanket if you're cold and poke the Switch through which is something that I discovered last night. In other words, it's a pretty cool device."


How-To Geek -

"The mount is fully adjustable and allows you to balance the weight of the console directly over your hands for a more stable playing experience. It’s a bit different to playing your Switch in handheld mode with the Joy-Con, but if you’ve used a similar controller clip with an Xbox or PlayStation controller then you’ll know what to expect."


GBAtemp -

"I have to say, I love the Fixture S1 and honestly I don’t think I could ever go back to playing handheld in the traditional way. It does its job but what's more is it does so well. From keeping both the Switch and controller secure to being more comfortable than just with the Joy-Cons, this is an excellent accessory for your Switch. It has a couple of issues but not one is a deal-breaker by any means. The price however is a bit steep, at $34.99. That said, if you're tired of the issues and the lack of comfort with Joy-Cons or just prefer a Pro Controller, I highly recommend checking out the Fixture S1."


That Hashtag Show -

"The Fixture S1 comes from a gamer, Austin Stark, who designed it with handheld gaming in mind. Overall, it’s one of my favorite new Switch accessories and one that I’ll still be using down the line."


Gaming Nexus -

"The Fixture S1 has solved the issue I had with handheld gaming on the Switch. By allowing me to use the near perfect design of the Nintendo Pro Controller I no longer have to endure holding a Switch and not having the support I was looking for. Playing in docked mode is still my preferred style of playing, but if I’m going to play in handheld, it will be with the Fixture S1 Mount."


The Geekiary -

"The Fixture S1 Bundle is a Nintendo Switch gamer’s dream due to the impressive portability and ease of use all the while looking incredibly sleek. I can’t recommend these two items enough, even if you’re a casual Switch player. Both items are worth the investment. At least, get the Fixture S1 Mount if you already own a Pro Controller and experience the change in gaming sessions yourself."


Game Critics -

"Overall, I think this two-piece package is a decent idea, but it falls short of being something that I would use regularly, mostly due to the combined weight of the Pro/Clip/Switch and how it stresses the hands with the new center of gravity.

On the other hand, the case is excellent and it’s now a regular part of my loadout when I pack for trips — I’d recommend it all on its own, even for people who don’t have the Clip."


FutureFive -

"It seems silly to say that a hinged bit of plastic is a game-changer when using the Nintendo Switch, but the Fixture S1 Mount is exactly that. Having the Switch screen mounted above the Pro Controller is, in my opinion, the very best way to use Nintendo's console. Being able to pack the mounted screen and controller away in the Fixture S1 Carrying Case is even better, keeping the console safe and at hand for a quick go at any time.

The Fixture S1 Mount and S1 Carrying Case are essential purchases. Owners of the original Switch console that have a Switch Pro Controller will find using these the best way to comfortably play their games."