Fixture S1: Ultra Bundle (Fixture, Case, & Controller)

Style: Fixture S1 + (Case & Controller)

Only compatible with the orignal Switch (2017). Nintendo Switch is not included. 

DESIGNED FOR GAMERS. The Fixture S1’s original design connects the Nintendo Switch to Fixture’s controller – a comfortable, reliable alternative to Joy-Cons. 

HIGHLY ERGONOMIC PLAY. The Fixture S1 was designed with comfort and performance in mind. It balances the screen weight directly over your hands, reducing screen rotation and minimizing wrist strain. Its patented two-axis design lets you easily adjust the angle and height of your Switch – providing stability and balance in ANY playing position. 

HANDHELD OR TABLETOP MODE. One accessory – multiple uses! For handheld play, simply snap the Controller into the Fixture S1. For tabletop mode, use it as a stand on any flat surface – and enjoy multiplayer gaming anywhere. 

PRO-STYLE CONTROLLER. This bundle comes with Fixture’s Controller. It is a great alternative to the Nintendo Pro Controller that is compatible with Fixture S1. It has every feature you need, including motion controls, NFC support, and rumble. It's also lightweight, making it perfect for long play sessions.  

CUSTOM CARRYING CASE. Your Nintendo Switch and Controller are more portable than ever with the Fixture S1 custom carrying case! The entire assembled unit fits easily in the case’s custom mold, while a flap protects the Switch screen and holds everything in place securely. A zippered accessory pocket, storage for up to 10 games, and durable, rugged design make this slim, compact case a must-have.

EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE ORIGNAL SWITCH- The Fixture S1 was specifically created for a precise fit with the orignal Nintendo Switch. No complicated assembly required: Simply mount it to your existing Switch and included Controller.


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Style: Fixture S1 + (Case & Controller)